List of Professional Committee Members

Audit and Risk Management Committee (under the Board of Directors)
Chairman: Shao Ruiqing    Members: Ji Weidong, Li Ruoshan
Major Responsibilities: include the inspection and supervision of financial reports and internal audit, inspection, assessment and supervision of overall risk management, especially pertaining to important decisions, major events and critical business.

Nomination and Compensation committee (under the Board of Directors)
Chairman: Liu Shaoyong    Members: Liu Keya, Ji Weidong
Major Responsibilities: include discussing and giving advice on candidates, determining selection criteria and procedures; researching and reviewing remuneration policies and programs of Directors and Senior Management Members; establishing standards for, conducting, and advising the appraisal of Directors and Senior Management Members.

Planning and Development Committee (under the Board of Directors)
Chairman: Li Yangmin    Members: Tang Bing, Shao Ruiqing
Major Responsibilities: include researching and deliberating long-term development planning and important investment decisions, as well as planning, advising, and supervising their implementation.

Aviation Safety and Environment Committee (under the Board of Directors)
Chairman: Ma Xulun Committee     Members: Li Yangmin, Liu Keya
Major Responsibilities: include implementing laws and regulations related to national aviation safety and environment protection, inspecting and supervising aviation safety management, researching and discussing the planning of aviation safety measures, advising and supervising the implementation of safety measures, inspecting and supervising important issues concerning carbon emissions of domestic and international aviation, and advising and supervising implementation of environmental measures.