Airports where travel itineraries can be printed

Source:   Publish Date:  2008-12-29
Area Airport Exact Location
East China Shanghai Hongqiao Counter No. 318, T2
  Shanghai Pudong China Eastern Ticket Counter (Domestic), opposite Gate 1, T2
China Eastern Ticket Counter (International), opposite Gate 6, T1
  Hangzhou opposite Gate 2, Departure Hall
  Ningbo China Eastern Ticket Counter, Middle Gate, 2/F, Terminal
  Hefei China Eastern Ticket Office, Hefei Airport
  Nanjing Near Counter J10
South China Guangzhou N Island Ticket Counter, Gate 16, Domestic Departure Hall
  Shenzhen China Eastern Counter, Gate 6, Building B
  Xiamen China Eastern Counter, Gate 8,Terminal
South West Chengdu China Eastern Counter, Gate 3, Domestic Departure Hall
  Chongqing Area A, Terminal
  Guilin Standby Counter
  Kunming China Eastern Ticket Counter, 2/F, Terminal of Kunming Airport
  Lijiang Terminal of Lijiang Airport
  Banna Terminal of Banna Airport
  Mangshi Terminal of Mangshi Airport
  Baoshan Terminal of Baoshan Airport
  Lincang Terminal of Lincang Airport
Central China Zhengzhou Stand-by Counter, 2/F
  Nanchang Counter No.4, Departure Hall
  Taiyuan China Eastern Stand-by Ticket Counter, 2/F, Terminal
  Wuhan opposite Check-in Counter, 2/F, T2
  Yibin The first Counter, to the far right of the Terminal
  Yichang Booking Hall, 1/F, China Eastern Hotel, Terminal
North China Beijing H Island Travel List Printing Counter, T2
  Dalian China Eastern Ticket Counter, 2/F, Departure Hall
  Yantai Domestic China Eastern Counter
  Shijiazhuang China Eastern Ticket Counter
  Jinan China Eastern Ticket Counter
  Qingdao China Eastern Ticket Counter, Island D, Centre of Hall
  Tianjin China Eastern Ticket Counter, B Island, 2/F
  Shenyang Near Shanghai Airlines Counter, F/2, Shenyang
North West Lanzhou China Eastern Stand-by Ticket Counter, F/2
  Urumchi China Eastern Ticket Counter, Terminal
  Xi’an China Eastern Stand-by Ticket Counter
  Yinchuan China Eastern Ticket Counter, 2/F