CES 2011 Launching 6 big rewards plans

Source: www.ceair.com  Publish Date: 24 January 2011

Offering hundreds of gifts   Traveling thousands of miles together
6 big reward plans from CES in 2011

Hundreds of tickets awarded for free
Thousands of gifts presented
Hundreds of partners enjoy special preferences
Hundreds of Seckill surprised to give
Hundreds of points presented upon activating a card
Hundreds of gifts presented for group purchase and group auction
In order to express our thanks for the long-term support and trust of many companies and to celebrate reaching a total membership in the CES passenger plan “Eastern Miles” surpassing 10,000,000, CES will grandly commence the “Offering hundreds of gifts, traveling thousands of miles together” 6 big rewards plans in 2011. Enjoy many surprises, receive special preference.
Reward plan 1: Hundreds of surprises
You will be invited to make Seckill as wishes for CES domestic popular routes on CES website www.ceair.com every 11:00 to 12:00 from 14th January 2011, anyone who successes in making a Seckill will get a one-way ticket with a minimum value of RMB180. Click here for specific rules and introductions.
Reward plan 2: Hundreds of gifts given for group purchases
CES offers plans for group purchases of domestic one-way tickets and group sales of international round-trip tickets on its website www.ceair.com. A maximum discount of 8% will be given on the group purchase (5-9 people) of domestic one-way tickets, and with the group sale of round-trip tickets to Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and internationally we meet your needs with a one-stop ticket purchasing platform.
Coming soon, stay tuned!
Reward plan 3: Hundreds of tickets awarded for free
CES plans to commence a program to present hundreds of ticket on its website www.ceair.com on 16 February 2011. 1,000 tickets are waiting there for you. Members of Eastern Miles who successfully book tickets on its website will get a chance to win a round-trip ticket on any CES domestic route.
Coming soon, please stay tuned!
Reward plan 4: Thousands of gifts presented
CES launched the “Special General Mobilization” interactive community on 1 January 2011 with popular games full of joy and numerous super-value promotions.
To the left see "flying regular flights”. Play musical chairs, try your luck to win thousands of free tickets, thousands of bonus points, and hundreds free hotel accommodations, and more than a million gifts for Corporate Banking, including aircraft models, dolls and other toys in the Gifts Mall. On the right, have a look at "Special preference”, where special offers for many flight routes and extra points are waiting for you.
Don’t wait, come on, and join in!
For details please login to www.easternmiles.com.
Reward plan 5: Hundreds of partners enjoy special preferences
In cooperation with hundreds of its Eastern Miles business partners, CES will commemorate  its achievements. Members of Jinling Hotel, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, Shangri-la Hotels and Resorts, Hanting Inns & Hotels, www.ctrip.com and www.eLong.com etc enjoy special preferences. For details please login to www.easternmiles.com.
Reward plan 6: Hundreds of points awarded upon credit card activation
Clients who newly activate a credit card or apply for CES Co-Branded-CreditCard of China Guangfa Bank, China Construction Bank, China Merchants Bank, Bank of Communications, China Minsheng Bank Corp., Ltd., Shanghai Pudong Development Bank will be awarded at least one thousand points. Clients who newly activate a card or succeed in activating a Gold Card will obtain more points. For details please login to www.easternmiles.com.