[Brief Introduction]

Aéroport International Charles de Gaulle (airport code CDG) is located in Roissy which is 25 kilometers away northeast to Paris and is the main international airport of France and an important aviation terminal of Europe. It is named after the French general and former president Charles de Gaulle (1890-1970).
There are three terminals in Aéroport International Charles de Gaulle, of which Terminal 2 includes six independent gates named A-F. The VAL transport system connects all these terminals. In addition, luxurious shuttle buses are available carrying passengers along Terminals 1, 2 and 3.
Aéroport International Charles de Gaulle is connected with the regional railroad RER system and the Train a Grande Vitesse TGV system, with three to four trains go to the downtown of Paris every hour. Passengers can directly get on the trains driving up to Paris, many cities in France and other foreign cities via the passage and escalator at the airport.

[Map of Airport and Terminal]
Traffic map of Aéroport international Charles de Gaulle:

Plan of Terminals 2F and 2E:

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[Note] China Eastern is at Terminal 2F (2F).