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China Easterns Lingyan Cabin Service Wins Expo City Star Award2011-11-10

With the World Expo 2010 Shanghai to kick off in 200 days, China Easterns (CES) exemplary Expo team the Lingyan Cabin Service - has been awarded the Expo City Star prize by the Bureau of Shanghai World Expo Coordination.

The nationwide selection of Expo City Stars is one of the official themed events held by the 2010 Expo organizer. Themed around finding Expo City Stars, it calls on people to lead an environmentally friendly and healthy lifestyle to match the Expos Energy Saving Green Expo philosophy.

It is reported that CES will select 2010 CES Expo City Stars during the 600-day event. The first batch will include 402 stars, most of them excellent CES staff; the second batch of 603 stars and the third of 1,005 stars will come from Eastern Miles members and ordinary CES customers.

CESs Lingyan team receives award from the Bureau of Shanghai World Expo Coordination.