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MU587/DL7003, MU588/DL7002 Oct 9,2013 flight delay information2013-10-10
Today is Oct9 2013,Wednesday China Eastern Airlines MU587, Delta Airlines code share flight DL7003 from Shanghai to New York will be delay its schedule to arrive at 8:54pm. MU588, Delta Airlines code share flight DL7002 from New York JFK to Shanghai Pudong departure time will be delay due to MU587 late arrival, our check in counter will open at normal schedule 12:25pm to 3:25pm and re open at 7:30pm to 8:30pm.As this present time we are unable to give you an estimated time of departure for the flight. Would you please remain in the waiting hall. You will informed as soon as the departure time is fixed and wait for the further information to board the plane. Thank you for your cooperation..