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Shenzhen Shenzhen is located on the southern coast of China, at cast longitude 113°46’ - 114° 37' and north latitude 22° 27'22°52', facing Daya Bay on the east, bordering the mount of Pearl River on the west, adjacent to Dongguan Urban and Huiyang Urban on the north and connecting Hong Kong to the south; it has an area of 2020 square kilometers and a population of 3,790,000.
Shenzhen has subtropical maritime climate and an average temperature of 22.4°C (the average temperature in November is 20.9 °C). Its coastline stretches 230 kilometers. Shenzhen is a major port city in China for foreign trade and international contact. It is also a special economic zone first established with the reform and opening policy in China. Its tourist industry is growing rapidly and a tourist network has been formed with the main resorts of Xili Lake Holiday Village, Honey Lake Holiday Village, Shiyan Lake Hot Spring Holiday Village, Silver Lake Tourist Center, East Lake Tourist Zone, Shekou Basy, Daya Bav, Shenzhen Bay and Xiaomeisha Seaside Tourist Center. The world largest mini scenic zone "Splendid China", "China Folk Cultural Village" and "Windows of the World" are situated on Shenzhen Bay. Leechee Park, Honnghu Park, Reservoir Park, Fairly Lake Rare Plant Garden and Wild Animal Park are each uniquely make sightseeing more convenient for international visitors, Shenzhen Special Economic Zone has officially given preferential measures for foreign tourists to gain entry to Shenzhen through Hong Kong and stay there up to 72 hours as part of organized tours.